Because of the pandemic restrictions, this annual show will be, like many others, a virtual exhibition, available for viewing online only. The good news is it will up for nine months, December 26, 2020 until September 30, 2021.

I am, as always, pleased to have my images juried into this show and there is a little story that goes with this year’s selections. Several years ago I had submitted and had accepted into the show one of these Taos images, the one titled No Sanctuary – Taos, 1847. I printed, matted and framed it in one of my new beautiful, brushed Aluminum frames only to have it returned to me, unhung, because the frame was gray, not black! Since this show is virtual, frames are not an issues so I decided to submit it again along with two companion Taos images and all three were accepted. They are:

Taos Pueblo – A Proper Perspective

No Sanctuary – Taos, 1847

San Geronimo

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