I got interested in Sequences after reading a chapter in Tony Worobiec’s book Photo Art: In camera, Darkroom, Digital, Mixed Media. Although the name implies a progression in time – and indeed narrative or linear storytelling sequences have been popular since the late 19th century – they also include the juxtaposition of two or more images in a Series which can  unite to create a a new meaning. Sequences/Series  fall somewhere between an image being an entity in its own right and being part of a larger collection of images that tell a story in a more complete way.

Sequences are to me like haiku. Just moments. I was dissatisfied with
 the single photo since I was unable to bend it into a further statement.
 In a sequence it is the sum of the pictures which implies what a single
 photo cannot say.
                                            Duane Michals

Some of my sequences – which are really more series than narrative –  follow.