Buying a Book

The books listed on the Publications/Awards page are all self-published books created by me using software from Blurb or Zno (formerly Artisan State).

Blurb Books

My Blurb Books

Landscapes: In a Different LightA Glimpse of China, Birds, and Monkey Business: Wildlife Sightings on the Osa Penisula (not shown) are all Blurb books and can be purchased directly from that site.

The other four books

  • Jurors’ Picks: A Collection of Images from Juried Exhibitions around New Mexico. Joan Concetta Biordi, Artisan State, 2015.
  • Sequences Plus, Photographs by Joan Concetta Biordi, Zno, 2016
  • Trees, Photographs by Joan Concetta Biordi, Zno, 2016
  • Small Scapes: Photographs by Joan Concetta Biordi, Zno. 2017

cannot be ordered directly from Zno. I have to order them and ship them to you. You should visit the Zno site to see what categories and sizes of books are offered. The books above are all layflat books. In future edits of this page I will give dimensions, prices and, possibly, a preview of each.