More Categories for Portfolio Images


This post is a continuation of possible themes/categories of images I might include when I make a portfolio web site out of this primarily blog site. Once again, it is for my benefit, a place where I have recorded titles of images that could speak to a particular theme or idea.

A. Panorama/Triptych

  1. Abandoned
  2. Cerrillos Hills, winter
  3. Cerrillos Hills, summer
  4. Dallas Divide
  5. Estuary II
  6. Font’s Point
  7. Glacier Text
  8. Gorge
  9. O’Keeffe Country
  10. Mills Canyon
  11. Into the Rain
  12. Near Manzanar
  13.  Harvest



  14. Ojo Cottonwoods
  15. Salt River
  16. Taos Doors
  17. Tuolumne River
  18. White Sands
  19. Unicorn
  20. Soon Pecans
  21. Hot Fudge Sundae with Butterscotch Ice Cream
  22. Ubehebe Crater
  23. Chianti Vineyard
  24. Volterra
  25. Crete Senese
  26. San Antimo
  27. San Juan Mountains
  28. Yellowstone Magic

B. Badlands

  1.  Sky Dance
  2. Zabriskie Point
  3. Sky King
  4. Ramparts to the Castle
  5. This One’s for Your, Judy!
  6. Font’s Point

    Fonts Point

    Font’s Point-Anza Borrego Desert State Park, CA

  7. Anza Badlands
  8. (Relatively) Slender People Only (aka Anza Slot II)
  9. Elephant Feet
  10. Eat Your Heart Out, Henry Moore
  11. Pebble Place 1
  12. Peeble Place 3
  13. Golden Canyon
  14. Golden Canyon Exit
  15. Carizzo Badlands
  16. Dante’s View
  17. Zabriskie Point
  18. Hot Fudge Sundae with Butterscotch Ice Cream
  19. Bisti to Heaven
  20. Bisti Wings

C. Sequences

  1. LA Quad
  2. Bunker Hill
  3. Made in LA
  4. Waves



  5. Waves II
  6. Slots
  7. At the Shore BW
  8. At The Shore C
  9. Sand Patterns

D. The Crown Jewels: Western National Parks*


  1. Yellowstone Magic
  2. Mammoth Springs I
  3. Mammoth Springs II
  4. Mammoth Springs III
  5. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
  6. Denizens of Yellowstone
  7. Pool


  1. Pot Hole Pine
  2. Tuolumne River
  3. Near Manzanar
  4. Chessboard
  5. Another
  6. Bent
  7. Fifty Years After Ansel

Grand Teton

Teton Mists

Teton Mists

  1. Gros Ventre
  2. Across the Water
  3. Teton Sunrise
  4. Later that Morning
  5. Teton Mists

Death Valley

  1. Zabriskie Point Sunset
  2. Dante’s View
  3. Sky King
  4. Sky Dance
  5. Zabriskie Point Pan
  6.  Zabriskie Detail
  7. Ubehebe  Crater Pan
  8.  Ubehebe Crater Detail
  9. Golden Canyon
  10. Golden Canyon Exit

* Some of these images will be on display at the Vista Grande Public Library during the month of September, 2017.


Possible Categories for Portfolio Images


I will eventually want to create collections of images that speak to an idea or theme. Several come to mind. I want each to be accessed by a link within the site and each to be a slide show, assuming the slide show can be manually operated by the viewer. What follows are some of the themes I have in mind and, for my benefit, the titles of the  images that might be included.

Black and White

   A.  New Mexico in Black and White

  1.    Soon, Pecans!
  2.    Folsom
  3.    On Johnson Mesa
  4.    Quebradas
  5.    Helices
  6.    Yucca Moon
  7.    Sugarite
  8.    Rio Grande Gorge
  9.    Taos North
  10.   No Sanctuary – Taos, 1847
  11.   San Geronimo
  12.   Clouds Over Deming
  13.   Wild Rivers
  14.   Across from Black Mesa
  15.   Cerrillos Hills
  16.   Santuario
  17.   White Sands
  18.   Ninety Degrees   
  19.   Abandoned
  20.   Into the Rain &/Rain
  21.   Burn Area 1
  22.   Burn Area 2
  23.   Burn Area 3
  24.   Pebble Place “River”
  25.   San Geronimo
  26.   Marc’s Garden
  27.   Eat Your Heart Out, Henry Moore
  28.   Judy’s Trees
  29.   Bisti Wings
  30. Bisti to Heaven

  B. Trees

  1.      Helices
  2.      Sugarite
  3.      Dance
  4.      Drama
  5.      Dance II
  6.      Soon Pecans


    Enter a caption

  7.      Burn area 1
  8.      Burns area 2
  9.      Burn area 3 
  10.     Reflections
  11.     Madera Canyon
  12.     Guajome
  13.     Joshua Tree
  14.     Joshua Tree II
  15.     Mammoth Springs I  & III
  16.     Reflections C
  17.    Gunnison
  18.    Judy’s Trees

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Well, I’ve got to start somewhere…


I’ve been noodling around for days now trying to figure out what to put in this first post. I really hate that fake Latin stuff so I’ll just have to write my own, natter on about this and that.

I doubt I will be doing much posting in the future but you never know. Perhaps I’ll want to tell the world about trips, adventures as well as images. Still, that’s not why I’m here.

So why am I here?

I’ve been saying for years now that I need to get/do a web site. Friends, family who are not local often ask where they can see my images and, aside from a few shows and the now defunct Red Dot Gallery, the answer is only if I send you a file. Further, colleagues say “if you want to be in the game you have to have a web site.”

My impression, from taking numerous advanced project Media Arts classes where there was an astounding mix of disciplines, is that creating a web site, even the ones that are supposed to be all set up is an incredible amount of work. Not that I object to work; I do it all the time, slower these days but continuously.  It’s the old language applied to peculiar concepts that I shied away from. I just didn’t get it.

A couple of years ago a friend, a photographic artist, took this course and created a web site she uses mostly for travel blogging (she recently created another for her HOA). She had good things to say about the course, even offered to help me set a site up via WordPress, but it never happened. I knew, though, that I could do this if, when, the course was offered at a time I could take it.


OK, so I want to make a portfolio web site. I want to upload images that I’d like others to see and, perhaps, comment on. I am not creating a vehicle for selling images although I will offer then for sale if anyone is interested.

I want to be able to show a variety of images in one place. I mostly do landscape photography, in color and black and white. Some abstracts, some portraits, some composites, some nonsense. I’d like to organize them and present them in such a way that they hang together nicely, that they make sense as a whole as well as individually.

So with that in mind I think I’m try putting an image in this post, just for starters.